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It is always difficult to. know whether a, baby is ill, specially with your first baby. If he seems contented, and is taking his feeds normally he is probably perfctly healthy. But babies can become ill quite quickly and any infection may be dangerous, so for the first three months you should take no chances: be overcautious and call your doctor straight away if you think your, baby is i11. If you notice any signs of illness, look at the symptoms listed below and opposite.These are the main health risks and the most common minor problems for babies under three months old. Babies are born with a natural immunity-to many infections, since antibodies (which destroy germs) are passed to them through mother's blood. Breast-fed babies also receive antibodies from their mother's milk. This immunity lasts for about six months, so before this age your baby is very. unlikely to catch any ofthe infectious illnesses that are common in childhood

Don't wait to call your doctor if your baby seems unwell or:

  • cries more than usual, or his crying sounds different from usual over a period of about an hour,If none, of your usual soothing methods calm your baby within an hour or so, or if his crying sounds unusual call your doctor now. If your baby cries inconsolably for two or three hours at about the same time each day, but shows no other signs of illness, he might have colic. This may continue for several weeks, but there is no treatment for it.

  • seems abnormally quiet,drowsy or listless

  • refuses two successive feeds, or does not demand a feed for six hours

  • seems particularly irritable or restless

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