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Giving medicine to babies

When you give medicine to your baby, put a bib on him in case the medicine spills, and keep some tissues handy.Sterilize all the equipment in boiling water before giving medicine to a baby under six months. If your baby cannot yet sit up, hold him as if you were going to feed him. If he can sit up, sit him on your lap and tuck one of his arms behind your back. Keep your hand firmly on his other arm to prevent him struggling.

Medicine Spoon

Measure your baby's dose and pour half into another spoon. Keep both spoons nearby, then pick up your baby. Hold him so that he can't wriggle, then pick up one spoon and rest it on his lower lip. Let him suck the medicine off, then repeat with the rest of the dose.

Medicine Dropper

Measure the dose in a medicine spoon, then suck some of it into a dropper. Put the dropper into your baby's mouth and squeeze the medicine in. Give the rest of the dose. Don't use a dropper for a young baby: she could choke. Don't use a glass dropper if your baby has teeth.

Medicine Tube

Measure the correct dose and pour it into the medicine tube, then pick up your baby and rest the mouth-piece of the tube on his lower lip. Tilt the tube slightly so that the medicine runs into your baby's mouth, but don't tilt it too much, or the medicine will run out too quickly.

Finger Tip

If your baby is reluctant to take her medicine, let her suck it off your finger. Measure the dose in a medicine spoon, then pick up your baby, keeping the spoon neiarby. Dip your finger into it and let her suck the medicine off, Continue until she has taken the whole dose.

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