How to Build Muscle
How to Lose Weight

How to build muscles

Building muscle and maintaining it needs a very punctual work out sessions and desciplined diet routine.


  • We can schedule exercise routine either in the morning or evening but morning hours are better for healthy work outs and the body keeps on burning calories through out the day if you work out in the morning since the metabolism of the body shoots up and body needs to spend calorie in order to maintain the active muscles.
  • Always begin work out session with warmup since it will make the body flexible and warm enough to handle exertion of following sessions. A dynamic warmup is better than static warmup, means warming up by mild running, jumping, flexing body parts rather than streching only.
  • Next follows the cardio session. This session involves exercise like running on treadmill, cross training or bicycling. 30-45 minutes of cardio sessions is good enough to keep heart fit and healthy.
  • Weight session should be followed as per body's strength. Start with light weight and keep on increasing regular weights until you can do 10-12 reps without burning out.
  • After weight session, we should focus on abs work out to tone abdominal muscles. It will help to burn the fats around the abs region.


    Proteins are the building blocks of muscle, hence we should complement the workout with sufficient amount of protein in our diet. There are different categories of protein available in food domain, but protein from animal source is better than the proteing from plant source. We should also include little amount of good fat and carbs along with the protein for the body to carryout essential functions.

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