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Micro Controller Interview Questions - Part 2

What are the use of scratch pad area of internal RAM of 8051 ?

In internal RAM 80 bytes constitutes the scratch pad area. The scratch pad bytes can be programmed as a general purpose registers.

What are the flags supported by 8051 controller ?

  • Carry flag
  • Auxiliary carry flag
  • Over flow flag
  • General purpose user flag
  • Register bank select bit one
  • Register bank select bit zero
  • Parity flag

    What is meant by Power-on- Reset in 8051 controller ?

    When RESET pin is activated, the 8051 jumps to address location 0000H. This is called as Power-on-Reset. Reset pin is considered as a sixth interrupt source of 8051.

    What are the significance of SFRs ?

    SFRs denotes Special function Registers of8051 controller. All the controller registers such as port latches, timer register, peripheral control register, accumulator, PC and DPTR all areavailable in SFR region.

    What are the different group of instructions supported by 8051 ?

  • Data Transfer Group
  • Arithmetic Group
  • Logical Group
  • Branching Group
  • Bit manipulation Group

    Write a program to mask the 0th and 7th bit using 8051 ?

    MOV A,#data
    ANL A,#81
    MOV DPTR,#4500

    List the addressing modes of 8051 ?

  • Direct addressing
  • Register addressing
  • Register indirect addressing
  • Implicit addressing
  • Immediate addressing
  • Index addressing
  • Bit addressing

    Write about CALL statement in 8051 ?

    There are two CALL instructions. They are
  • LCALL(Long call)
  • ACALL(Absolute call)

    Write about the jump statement ?

    There are three forms of jump. They are
  • LJMP (Long jump) :: 16 bit address
  • AJMP(Absolute jump) :: 11 bit address
  • SJMP (Short jump) :: relative address

    Write a program to find the 2ís complement using 8051 ?

    MOV A, R0

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